febbraio 16, 2016

Android Themes

This is the field in which I’m more active. I started making themes with the “old” Cyanogenmod 9. I currently make themes for custom roms like Cyanogenmod and roms with RRO/Layers support (like stock Android Marshmallow and other custom roms). The best things about them in my opinion is that they are not conventional themes and are different from the maior part of the others around. PS: You’ll need root to use this themes!

Navigate the top menu to discover all my themes!

I won’t explain here how to use the themes, what is a custom rom etc..just search it on Google 🙂

Here some useful links:

  • BitSyko Development community: HERE (all about RRO/Layers)
  • Cyanogenmod’s website: HERE (all about Cyanogenmod)