febbraio 16, 2016

Now Gesture Tweaks

Now Gesture Tweaks is the second Android app I developed. It got a boost in downloads small time after it was released as it was luckly featured on XDA Developers blog HERE


Screenshot_2014-12-16-11-38-07 Screenshot_2014-12-30-10-59-13 Screenshot_2014-12-30-10-58-54 Screenshot_2014-12-16-11-37-41

This is Now Gesture Tweaks app. This app lets you replace the swipe up gesture (from the bottom of device) for activating Google Assistant with a custom action. You can also use a 1×1 widget in your homescreen for calling the command, if you don’t want to use the gesture or if your device doesn’t support the gesture.


Get it on Google Play


Get it on Google Play