febbraio 16, 2016

Shade family themes

Screenshot_2015-02-21-09-21-05 Screenshot_2015-03-03-18-39-29 Screenshot_2015-02-27-10-55-08 Screenshot_2015-03-02-09-31-49 Screenshot_2015-02-15-20-37-46 Screenshot_2015-02-04-14-27-58

This is Shade UI theme for CM13, CM12 (Cyanogenmod 12), CM12.1 and other custom roms (like Dirty Unicorns). This is a dark theme that uses shades for enchanting the user interface. It supports all features of theme engine.This theme also saves battery on amoled displays because it uses many dark/black colors. This theme is highly personalizable: if you are on cm13+, just install Arcus app to unlock also colored versions (currently blue, green, magenta, orange and red)

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