febbraio 16, 2016

Transparent family themes

Transparent theme for Cyanogenmod was was the first theme of which I managed to get downloaded a lot compared to previous themes, with over 5000 paying users and over 85000 downloads for the free black version!

screener_20150428(095055) screener_20150511(171856) (1) screener_20150501(132417) - Copia screener_20150509(095347) screener_20150519(115934) Screenshot_2015-03-09-10-11-00 Screenshot_2015-05-21-17-34-00 Screenshot_2015-05-18-23-53-21

[First row: colored versions; Second row from the left: material version, black version and stock version]

Like a glass!! This is Transparent theme for CM13, CM12 (Cyanogenmod 12), CM12.1, CM11 and other custom roms with theme engine (like Dirty Unicorns). Many apps of your rom will become transparent! You can choose a wallpaper and use it as background for your apps. Every time you change wallpaper, you have a new theme! I suggest to try this theme also with live wallpapers.
The stock version of the theme will be transparent with grey bars and white accents! But the personalization is infinite: if you are on cm13+, just use Arcus app to unlock the colored versions of the theme! (currently gold, green, orange, purple and red).


Get it on Google Play


Get it on Google Play