giugno 30, 2016

Icon Pack Generator + custom themes


Icon Pack Generator is the first app that allows you to create your own icon pack! With this icon pack studio you can build an icon pack that can be applied with a custom launcher with icon pack support (for example: Adw, Nova, Apex…). Start right now to design by yourself the homescreen of your dreams. All your icons will be themed, no more half themed homescreens!

Icon Pack Generator themes
The best and exclusive part of this app is that is it open to custom themes! Themers can build a theme, publish on playstore and make it available to all the users of this app! You can make amazing icon packs from the image sets contained into themes and also mixing more themes
Create icon packs manually
You can make the icon pack also manually by customizing a list of parameters.
You can save different configurations during the manual creation into favourites to access them later
Make icon packs with your own images
You can create an icon pack also by importing an image from gallery
[full version: almost all the content of the app is free. There is only an in app purchase that unlocks the themes mixer and removes the ads forever]

Get it on Google Play

At the moment, while there are other similiar apps out there, my version was the first released with this idea, and at the moment I’m writing the only one with the themes feature. Even if the app was not very successful either among users or developers, I am very proud of it!

For developers: Create an Icon Pack Generator theme: Github

Example Theme: Google Play (free)

SpadIcons Theme: Google Play (free)