novembre 22, 2016

Wallpaper Modder

“This wallpaper is so cool! If only it were of another color..”

Have you ever thought anything like this?

-Tired of the complex and slow photo editing apps that you are forced to use even just to make small fixes to your wallpaper?
-Tired of having to install many apps to edit your wallpapers? Would not it be better to have one allowing you to do everything you need?
You’re in the right place! Download Wallpaper Modder now to solve all these problems!

Wallpaper Modder gets your current wallpaper and allows you to modify it with cool filters in the fastest way possible! Wallpaper Modder aims to be a simpler and faster alternative to other complex photo and wallpaper apps!
Not only this: save and share edited wallpapers, load any photo from gallery, manage saved wallpapers and also find new wallpapers, all directly from the app.

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